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Augusta VS Lolly Gag

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Augusta walked through Lolly’s Sweets Factory toward her first-ever job interview, reading the signs posted above each closed door: Sweets Creation. Sweets Enhancement. Taste Test Facility. Addictiveness Testing. Containment.

Augusta shuddered.

Just that morning, she had felt excited for her interview. According to her best friends, the factory was the place to work:

“It’s the best job. Super easy!” said Min. “And you get to taste test all the different sweets!”

“I had Cream Soda yesterday. It was delicious,” added Raven.

“Seriously Augusta, you have to apply,” concluded Xanthe.

But now that Augusta was here, she couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. Outside, the factory’s old smokestacks cheerfully pumped colourful vapour up into the clouds. But inside, the brick walls were bare and gray. The doors were locked. And the air smelled sweet, but also bitter.

Augusta had to take a closer look. And locked doors wouldn’t get in her way.

Using her x-ray vision, Augusta peered into the first room, Sweets Enhancement. Workers stood over basins brimming with sweets, injecting each piece with a murky gray substance. Every so often, one of the workers snuck a taste. But what were they putting in the sweets?

Perhaps she’d find an answer in the next room, Addictiveness Testing. A worker sat in a chair beside a tray of sweets while a woman in a lab coat hovered nearby, taking notes.

“Blueberry Burst needs more C10H14N2,” the worker murmured. Her voice was a whisper but Augusta recognized it immediately – it was Min! What had they done to her friend? And why were they injecting the sweets with C10H1… chemicals?

“Augusta? Are you lost?”

Augusta whirled around. A stooped old woman stood before her. “Umm, yes, I’m… I’m lost,” she stuttered.

“Good thing I found you then.” The woman pulled a lollipop from her pocket and had a quick lick before introducing herself: “I’m Lolly. Why don’t we pop into my office? You can have a sweet – to settle your nerves.”

Lolly took Augusta’s hand, pulling her along as she hobbled into a dimly lit room that housed a rainbow-coloured buffet of sweets. But Augusta knew they hid something evil. “They’re lovely,” she said. And toxic, she thought, grimly.

“Don’t hold back,” Lolly said encouragingly. “One won’t kill you,” she chuckled.

One by one, Augusta examined the sweets. Up close, she could use her x-ray vision to see the deadly chemicals housed inside each one: Cyanide French Vanilla,
Arsenic Sour Apple,
Formaldehyde Orange Cream…

Augusta turned toward Lolly. “Why do you do it?” she asked angrily. “You’re hurting people.”

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Lolly’s sugary smile soured. “Because I’m in the chemicals business, Augusta. And what better way to get kids addicted to my chemicals than by serving them up as something irresistible?”

Reaching behind her, Augusta grabbed a tray of sweets from the table and hurled it at Lolly, who just laughed, “Run away Augusta! I’ll get you! One taste and I’ll have you hooked!”

But Augusta couldn’t hear her anymore. She was already out the door. She didn’t stop until she was home. And she wouldn’t stop there either, not until her friends – and not just her friends, but everyone – knew the truth about Lolly and her toxic sweets.

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